Just a small squall

Green grass, budding limbs, and hyacinths peaking from below. Oh my, how I love the sights, sounds, and smells of Spring. Screeeeeeech! Wait, no…not yet. It’s only March 1st. Anything can happen. After all, I live in Northeastern Ohio.

I wait with my 10-year old son. “That big, yellow Twinkie ought to be coming round the mountain anytime now, ” he says with an unusual twang. Fourth grade morning humor, I guess. So, we wait. Windows down. Admiring the dull, gray morn on the verge of a shower.

The rain begins. He jumps on the bus and smiles from the window, hand openly waving good-bye and have a great day. Off I go to school myself. “Good-bye, Buddy…Good-bye, backyard,” as I look one last time through the rear view mirror. The rain now begins to pelt a bit harder, almost coordinating with the thoughts in my head and on my speedometer.

Birds tweet outside my classroom window. I open it to let the 50 degree air and their sweet peeps calm my still racing thoughts and ideas for the day. However, as we head into the second hour of our day, the cold winter air returns, rudely belching into the classroom. The kids by the window howl and quickly ask to shut it. I feel it’s blast from the complete opposite side. Oh well, it’s still winter. I closed it.

The day closes and rain still persists. Peers exit quite giddy and exclaim with a hint of sarcasm, “See you Tomorrow?!?!?” Then, my phone buzzes- WINTER WEATHER WARNING. Oh my.

I return to my backyard, wet and white. “I’ve always wanted a pond, but this is excessive,” I think to myself as I survey the scene upon driving up the 500-foot driveway. Surely, March has come in like a lion, hardly a lamb. Life tends to be a small squall. However, I know those greens, tweets, and peeking buds will be up soon.

2 thoughts on “Just a small squall

  1. Your words are so descriptive and have me dreaming of spring! Living in Massachusetts I know the teasers we have had lately – it certainly makes it hard to not dream of hyacinths!


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